My morning fundraising for Endometriosis UK.

For two hours yesterday morning I took part in a bucket collection at Angel tube station in London to raise money for Endometriosis UK, alongside a fellow member of the Hertfordshire support group. Since being diagnosed in the summer the charity has helped me in so many ways; from publishing accurate information about the disease to help me make sense of what has been happening to my body, to providing the local support group I attend, which has been such a vital emotional support during this challenging time. Signing up was also an excellent excuse to go into London and do some Christmas shopping- everyone wins!

Despite the icy gusts of wind that made their way through the station every couple of minutes, I had a really good time- I would definitely recommend signing up to similar events for anyone interested in supporting the charity. I was amazed at how many people shared their personal stories (or those of their loved ones) about endometriosis with me, and asked me to share mine with them. It was really interesting and touching. A couple of people also asked me about what endometriosis is, so I had the opportunity to do some awareness raising too which was really satisfying. I suggested to these people research the condition for themselves, and then tell two other people about it. It would be so good if even one person did this.

Working hard!

Working hard! Source: Endometriosis UK.

If you weren’t able to come and see us yesterday, you can still donate to Endometriosis UK here– it is the season of giving and good will after all! 😀