Sleepless Theatre Company to showcase new play about endometriosis: Baby Box.

Exciting news update dear readers… Sleepless Theatre Company have written and produced a play about endometriosis called Baby Box, which will be performed at The Kings Head Theatre in London from 1st to 6th May 2018 as part of their feminist theatre season.

The play explores issues of sexuality and menstrual health through the eyes of two sisters as they navigate their way through childhood to the cusp of motherhood.

Playwright Laura McGrady has endometriosis herself. She explained: ”I’ve essentially written the play I needed to see a year ago but couldn’t find. 1 in10 women suffer from endometriosis and so few people seem to really know about it, so of course I hope Baby Box will shed a little light on the subject and maybe help support some women suffering. However, despite the themes within it, Baby Box is above all about the relationship between two sisters. I love these two characters and their journey together, I think it’s a familiar dynamic and I know this play will speak to anyone who has ever loved someone unconditionally – it really is that simple.”

I am really excited to hear about this new play, and can’t wait to watch it live. We know that endometriosis can be a bloody, unglamorous, and debilitating disease which is very much still a taboo subject- so kudos to the entire team for tackling this subject on head on. I have noticed with frustration that narratives and representations about endometriosis have largely been absent from the creative arts- from poetry and theatre through to TV and film. This represents a missed opportunity to tell our stories and highlight why they matter to the wider public. It will be amazing and emotional I am sure to see some of the issues I have experienced throughout my 18 year battle with endometriosis reflected on stage.

***EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT OFFER***: Tickets for the performance are priced between £15 and £18. The Endo The World? readers can use the code BabyBoxEndo to buy tickets at the discounted price of £12! Tickets can be purchased here.

You can check out Sleepless Theatre Company on social media for additional information and updates: Twitter (@SleeplessTC), Instagram (@sleeplesstc), and Facebook (here).

For more information about endometriosis, please visit the Endometriosis UK website.

I hope that lots of you are able to go along and support this performance- it sounds amazing. Let me know your thoughts if you are able to attend- I’m sure readers at this site from around the world who are unable to be there would appreciate any reviews and feedback.

With love,

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